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Top rated site

Conference Top 10 (Rating)
The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS-9)   Popular site
Scope of this conference is as follows (from the top page). Autonomy and adaptivity are key aspects ...
Last Update: 2006/1/12   Hits: 1426   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Workshop on Gender and Interaction   Popular site
Gender and Interaction: Real and Virtual women in a male world Date: May 23, 2006 AVI 2006 (23-26 ...
Last Update: 2006/2/5   Hits: 1441   Rating: 0.00   More Details

2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'07)   Popular site
The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'07) will be held in Roma, It ...
Last Update: 2007/3/18   Hits: 1706   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Birds of a Feather on Gender Diversity (ICRA'07)   Popular site Recommend site Mutual site
Sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society In connection to IEEE ICRA 2007 Date and ...
Last Update: 2007/3/18   Hits: 1726   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Community Top 10 (Rating)
IEEE Japan Council Women in Engineering Affinity Group   Popular site
IEEE Japan Council Women in Engineering affinity group was officially established May 2, 2005. This ...
Last Update: 2006/1/12   Hits: 1191   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Ladies' Association of JSME   Popular site
Ladies' Association of JSME
Last Update: 2006/1/12   Hits: 1280   Rating: 0.00   More Details

The Mailing List for Female Researchers in Robotics   Popular site
More and more female researchers are coming to the field of robotics. It is, however, not so easy to ...
Last Update: 2006/1/12   Hits: 1135   Rating: 0.00   More Details

IEEE Women in Engineering   rss  Popular site
WIE AFFINITY GROUPS Affinity Groups provide the opportunity for members to network at the local l ...
Last Update: 2006/1/14   Hits: 1395   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Women in Computer Science, University of Minnesota   Popular site
Through the efforts of the late Vivian Borst, the Women in Computer Science Program Series (WCS) beg ...
Last Update: 2006/2/1   Hits: 1288   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Japan Inter-Society Liaison Association Committee for Promoting Equal Participation of Men and Women   Popular site
"EPMEWSE Survey Report:Diverse Visions of Scientists and Engineers in the 21st Century -For the Prom ...
Last Update: 2006/2/8   Hits: 1257   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Roberta - Girls discover robots   rss  Popular site
Roberta is the name of the nice looking female robot. The identically named project uses the fasci ...
Last Update: 2006/3/6   Hits: 1759   Rating: 0.00   More Details

University of Minnesota: Office for University Women   Popular site
From the "About the OUW" page, the mission of OUW is as follows. Building on the legacy of the Un ...
Last Update: 2006/7/16   Hits: 1313   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Special Lecture and Party Celebrating the First Anniversary of IEEE Japan Council WIE Affinity Group   Popular site Mutual site
Special Lecture and Party to celebrate the First Anniversary of IEEE Japan Council WIE Affinity Grou ...
Last Update: 2006/7/18   Hits: 2216   Rating: 0.00   More Details

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society   rss  Popular site Recommend site
The Society is interested in both applied and theoretical issues in robotics and automation. Robotic ...
Last Update: 2007/3/18   Hits: 2353   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Institute Top 10 (Rating)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)   Popular site
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), an Independent Administ ...
Last Update: 2006/1/21   Hits: 2293   Rating: 0.00   More Details

People Top 10 (Rating)
Ruzena Bajcsy   Popular site
Member, University of Chicago Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratory Professor and Dire ...
Last Update: 2006/1/20   Hits: 1264   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Yukie Nagai   Popular site
Researcher, Applied Computer Science, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University Research Interes ...
Last Update: 2006/2/1   Hits: 876   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Michelle Johnson   Popular site
Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Physical, Medicine, and Rehabilitat ...
Last Update: 2006/2/15   Hits: 935   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Goldie Nejat   Popular site
Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering State University of New York at Stony Bro ...
Last Update: 2006/7/5   Hits: 861   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Robin R. Murphy   Popular site
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering & Cognitive and Neural Sciences, Departmen ...
Last Update: 2006/1/20   Hits: 955   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Aude Billard   Popular site
Associate Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne EPFL President of the EPFL A ...
Last Update: 2006/2/1   Hits: 2964   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Arianna Menciassi   Popular site
Assistant Professor ARTS Lab Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy Research Interests: Biomedical Mi ...
Last Update: 2006/2/15   Hits: 2477   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Elizabeth A. Croft   rss  Popular site
Associate Director, Industrial Automation Laboratory; Co-Coordinator, Electro-Mechanical Engineerin ...
Last Update: 2006/7/5   Hits: 905   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Hong Qiao   Popular site
Researcher, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) Research Interests: roboti ...
Last Update: 2006/1/20   Hits: 844   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Cynthia Breazeal   Popular site
Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, Director of the Robotic Life Gr ...
Last Update: 2006/2/1   Hits: 855   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Laboratory Top 10 (Rating)
Neurobotics Laboratory   Popular site
The Neurobotics Laboratory is interested in building a robot-human closed loop system to alter the n ...
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 908   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Haptic Exploration Laboratory   atom  Popular site
The Haptic Exploration Laboratory works with both robotic haptics and human-machine haptic interface ...
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 1128   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Robotic Life Group   rss  Popular site
Taking inspiration and guidance from the science of animal and human behavior, our goal is to build ...
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 1060   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Intelligent Robotics and Systems Group   Popular site
Directed by Prof. Alícia Casals, UPC, Spain
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 827   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Science Integration Program - Humans, University of Tokyo   Popular site
The Science Integration Program was established in April 2005 under the direction of University of T ...
Last Update: 2006/1/14   Hits: 1166   Rating: 0.00   More Details

MIRALab   rss  Popular site
MIRALab is a creative lab which benefits from an interdisciplinary team working in a very collaborat ...
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 1040   Rating: 0.00   More Details

AIRVL, University of Minnesota   Popular site
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision Laboratory
Last Update: 2006/1/14   Hits: 1171   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Nakamura-Yamane Laboratory   rss  Popular site
Research topic of the laboratory includes humanoid robots, dynamics-based information processing, hu ...
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 1172   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Ishikawa Namiki Komuro Laboratory   Popular site
Ishikawa Namiki Laboratory, Department of Information Physics and Computing, Graduate School of Inf ...
Last Update: 2006/1/14   Hits: 1389   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Applied Computer Science Group   Popular site
The Applied Computer Science Group at Bielefeld University is carrying out inter-disciplinary resear ...
Last Update: 2006/7/17   Hits: 1226   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Publication Top 10 (Rating)
Women in Robotics for Communication and Outreach   rss  Popular site Mutual site
The article entitled "Women in Robotics for Communication and Outreach" was published in RASeNews, t ...
Last Update: 2006/7/18   Hits: 1442   Rating: 0.00   More Details

RASeNews, the IEEE Robotics and Automation email newsletter   rss  Popular site
The first edition of the IEEE Robotics and Automation email newsletter was sent out on October 14, 2 ...
Last Update: 2006/7/18   Hits: 1957   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Women in Robotics for Communication and Outreach   Popular site
The article entitled "Women in Robotics for Communication and Outreach" was published in IEEE Roboti ...
Last Update: 2007/3/18   Hits: 2357   Rating: 0.00   More Details

IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine   Popular site
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM) was established in 1994 by the IEEE Robotics & Automatio ...
Last Update: 2007/3/18   Hits: 3265   Rating: 0.00   More Details

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