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Visit RASeNews, the IEEE Robotics and Automation email newsletter Popular site    rss Last Update 2006/7/18 16:24
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The first edition of the IEEE Robotics and Automation email newsletter was sent out on October 14, 2003 to everyone in the Society whose correct email address is in the IEEE data base.
The newsletter will be sent out every month to six weeks by the IEEE. It includes includes action items for RAS members, breaking news, calendar updates and other time sensitive information. The goal is to inform members, not to annoy them. They are keeping it plain ascii text in order to make it convenient for people who use Pine or whose computer security does not permit attachments and to avoid downloading delays and other nasties.(although the newsletter is scanned with the same filters as the email through IEEE aliases.)

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The New Golden Age of Robotics (2008/4/5 8:00)
In a wide ranging interview with the University of Twente News, IEEE Robotics and Automation Editor Stefano Stramigioli describes the current realities and future opportunities for robotics_____ "High up on the eighth floor of the Hoogkamp building, professor Stefano Stramigioli can often be seen moving around on a Segwey purchased by Professor Regtien for the TEAM project. This personal transportation device, not yet approved for Dutch roadways, moves according to a users own body movements. This is the home of the faculty of Advanced Robotics, the nesting ground of UT's visionaries, who toil to build a fully-functional humanoid robot, capable of working together with humans. Stamigioli says, `For a roboticist— one of the dreams is to build the most complex machine there is— to try to copy the human.' "-- --MORE--
RAS 2008 New Initiative Proposals Due Friday February 15 (2008/2/11 8:00)
Proposals for 2008 RAS Initiative Grants must be received by the RAS Administrator by Friday, February 15.As a result of a new IEEE policy established in 2007, the Robotics and Automation Society anti ...
Call for Nominations: IEEE and RAS Society Awards (2008/1/14 8:00)
Nominations for the the following IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Awards are due March 1.* RAS Chapter of the Year Award* RAS Most Active Technical Committee Award* RAS Most Active Distinguished ...
Call for Nominations: IEEE Robotics&Automation Field Award (2007/10/11 8:00)
Nominations for the 6th IEEE Robotics & Automation Technical Field Award are due at the IEEE by January 31, 2008. The award is presented for contributions in the field of robotics and automation. It ...
Call for Nominations: RAM Associate Editors (2007/9/23 8:00)
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazines is soliciting nominations for two new Associate Editors, to serve a 3-year term beginning in January 2008. Please send nominations, including self-nominations to ...
CFP: IROS 2008 (2007/9/22 8:00)
The 2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems will be held September 22-26, 2008 in Nice, France. The conference theme is "Robots for the planet", reflecting the growin ...
2008 IEEE-CASE (2007/9/19 8:00)
The fourth annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (IEEE CASE 2008), sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, will be held from August 23 to 26, 2008 in Washington D ...
4th IEEE-RAS/IFRR School of Robotics Science on Learning (2007/7/8 8:00)
Applications are now open Deadline for application is July, 20 2007 BACKGROUND The development of robust and intelligent service robots requires very advancedcapabilities, esp ...

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