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2006-03-08: Women in Robotics, Human Science and Technology (3)-3
Towards Human Science, Technology and Society
Women in Robotics and Automation
"Women in Robotics and Automation towards Human Science, Technology and Society" is the international community whose scope includes but not be limited to: students, engineers and researchers in robotics and automation, human science and technology; who are interested in research and development activities conducted by women in these fields; who would like to explore technical and social needs of women for marketing; and who have interests in our activities. Our mission is to provide a venue for discussion and collaboration for technical development that creates enjoyable and efficient style of work and life. We would like to explore and investigate novel research and development as well as to encourage women to enter the exciting and fulfilling careers to be found in robotics and automation, human science and technology.
We organize technical sessions and panel discussion in the conferences or symposiums, edit special issues, and nevertheless, provide information on these topics through this website.
JRSJ Special Issue on Women in Robotics
In July 2006, special issue on “Women in Robotics” was published in the Journal of Robotics Society of Japan (JRSJ) (Vol. 24, No.5). The issue contains 12 articles, and 16 women in robotics in Japan, the U.S., Spain, Switzerland and China contributed. The abstracts and author profiles of the special issue of the JRSJ are available on this website. The articles are ordered by the areas of the authors, from west to east. The article starts from Japan, then goes to the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast, moves to Europe and finishes in China.
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