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Postdoctoral Researcher @ The University of Tokyo, Mechano-Informatics Department, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Tokyo/Japan

Research Interests: Humanoid robots: locomotion and control techniques, intelligent control

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2018????????4????????????????????????4?????????????????? ??? ?1???4?5????13:00 ? 14:00 ?2???4?8????15:00 ? 16:00 ??????2??1???????????????
Emiko Uchiyama received an award from JSME (2019/3/12 15:54)
?? ??????2018????????????????????? ???????? ???(????????)????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????
The 18th Advanced Mechanism Control Symposium and the 18th YNOYTY Lab Reunion (2019/1/23 15:06)
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ========================================= ?????????????? ???  2019?2?1 ...
Motion Capture on NHK Tokyo Athlete (2018/12/13 12:39)
We cooperated with a motion capture measurement in a TV program ?Tokyo Athlete Part2? that was broadcast by NHK on Dec. 9th. https://www6.nhk.or.jp/special/detail/index.html?aid=20181209_2 ...
HUMANOIDS2018 Best Interactive Paper Award Finalist&Mike Stilman Paper Award (2018/11/13 12:30)
Dr. Tianyi Ko presented at IEEE-RAS HUMANOIDS2018 in Beijing. His paper was selected as one of the best interactive paper award finalists, and we were awarded Mike Stilman Paper Award. Tianyi ...
IROS2018 Best Paper Award Finalist (2018/10/5 9:37)
Mr. Takuya Ohashi presented his work on VMocap in  IROS2018 . His paper has been selected as a finalist of the best paper award. Takuya Ohashi, Yosuke Ikegami, Kazuki Yamamoto, Wataru Takano ...
Ms. Emiko Uchiyama won RSJ Research Incentive Award (2018/9/10 10:14)
Ms. Emiko Uchiyama was awarded RSJ Research Incentive Award.
Mr. Tianyi Ko was awarded Jc-IFToMM Young Investigator Fund Best Paper Award (2018/6/6 11:48)
Mr. Tianyi Ko was awarded Young Investigator Fund Best Paper Award in the 24-th Jc-IFToMM Symposium on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, which was held at University of Tokyo on June 1. Tianyi ...
VMocap: press release (2018/5/16 9:22)
On May 15, we held a press conference to announce VMocap, a new video motion capture system. 5/15???????????????????VMocap???????????????? ?????? http://www.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/news/pdf/news_2018 ...
Mr. Takuya Ohashi was awarded JSME Miura Award (2018/3/23 14:28)
Mr. Takuya Ohashi (master course student) was awarded Miura Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. ?? ?? ???????????????????

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