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Visit Joanna Bryson Popular site    Last Update 2009/3/14 21:35
Category  People
Promote  University of Bath
Zip code BA2 7AY
Address  , Bath , United Kingdom
Joanna Bryson first got involved with robots in 1991, when she took "Intelligent Sensing and Control" as part of the University of Edinburgh's MSc in Artificial Intelligence. Since then she spent time in the humanoid and leg labs at MIT, worked on programmable robots for LEGO as a consultant, and did part of her PhD research on a mobile robot in the Edinburgh Primate Neuroscience Laboratory, then headed by Brendan McGonigle. She does not currently have any robotics projects in her own group at the University of Bath, but she has stayed active in the European robotics community through her work as in reviewing and evaluation for the European Commission's Cognitive Systems programme.

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