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The objectives of "Women in Robotics and Automation towards Human Science, Technology and Society" is to embody research and development community and knowledge base on women in robotics and automation towards human science, technology and society through proposing and practicing a variety of activities for encouraging interaction among students, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists and general public. We would like to explore and investigate novel research and development. We are working as speciallists rather than as women, but here we take this challenging or perhaps misleading viewpoint for brain storming. We would like to emphasize that our aim is not to erect a fence, rather, to look at technology and society from a different angle. Needless to say, we encourage young women to enter the exciting and fulfilling careers to be found in robotics and automation, human science and technology.
Organized Session and Panel Discussion at IAS-9
The starting point of this project is a set of organized session “Women in Robotics, Human Science and Technology” and panel discussion “Women in Robotics, Human Science and Society” which was held at the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS-9). For further information, please see the 'Activities' -> 'IAS-9' subsection from the Main Menu on the left. The project proposes innovative style of communication for interdisciplinary research and development in academia, industries and public where integration of different specialties is required for innovations and inventions. We would like to provide environments for challenges which will be proposed by the community members in the future.
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