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Exchange and Visit
WinRAS hosts Exchange and Visit
"Women in Robotics and Automation towards Human Science, Technology and Society" provides opportunity to propose and organize service activities for community members and society. The first emergent activity was a set of lab tour and party proposed by Kazuko Itoh, who is a research associate of Takanishi Laboratory with Waseda University in Japan. We will organize such lab tours and parties in the future conference. We are looking forward to meeting you in the future.
Takanishi Lab Tour and Party at Robomec 2006
2006-05-26: JSME ROBOMEC2006: Takanishi Lab Tour (1)In May 26-28, Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2006 (Robomec 2006) was held in Okubo Campus, Science & Engineering, Waseda University.

Associated with Robomec 2006, we have organized our community's exchange and visit on May 26. We had the opportunity of visiting Takanishi lab with Waseda University in Japan by courtesy of Prof. Takanishi and members of his lab.

2006-05-26: JSME ROBOMEC2006: Takanishi Lab Tour (2)Six researchers and students participated in the lab tour.

First, we visited Kikui-cho campus. Lab members explained a biped humanoid robot "Wabian-2" and a multi-purpose biped locomotor "WL-16R III".

We observed the walking demonstration of and a lot of interesting movies of experiments of "WL-16R III".

2006-05-26: JSME ROBOMEC2006: Takanishi Lab Tour (3)Next, we went to Okubo campus. We looked at an anthropomorphic talking robot "WT-5" and an emotion expression humanoid robot "WE-4R II".

Not only these humanoid robots, there are a lot of robot systems such as a treatment robot for jaw disorder person "WY-5" and artificial skin model to evaluate the skill of surgical anatomists in Takanishi lab.

2006-05-26: JSME ROBOMEC2006: Takanishi Lab Tour (4)We enjoyed variety of robot systems in Takanishi lab and lost track of time.

After the lab tour, we moved to the restaurant near Takadanobaba station for the party. Over 20 researchers and students attended the party, and had a lively discussion with nice dishes.

We'd like to extend special thanks to Prof. Takanishi and members of his lab for giving the opportunity of the lab tour.

Reported by Fumi Seto

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